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Studio in Swansea or Studio is the only photographic Studio for hire in Swansea. We are now taking the VENTURE PORTRAITS SWANSEA or VENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY SWANSEA clients. specialise in STUDIO HIRE and  fashion  and commercial photography - Swansea Studio is also available for rent in Swansea - is located on 220 Urban Village, High Street, Swansea, South Wales SA1 1NW  in Swansea South Wales. Offering: studio hire, equipment hire, photographic services, photographic tuition, makeovers, portfolios, portrait photography and services throughout the whole of South West Wales including Cardiff, Bristol, London and Internationally.


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If you are looking for an established STUDIO in Swansea or a fashion photographer in Swansea that's award winning, modern, that is both relaxed and unobtrusive, then call us. We also rent our studio in Swansea.

Top fashion photographer Richie Crossley of London has now opened a purposely designed 1200sq/ft studio in Swansea. He also joined venture with Jenna Kelly Make Up Artist, top make up artist in Swansea of and we are covering all areas from Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol and London (Nation Wide)


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and free Fashion Advice in Swansea

As one of London's top fashion and multi award winning photographers Richie Crossley of have  joint venture with Swansea's Top Makeup artist Sascha Martini of  Swansea.

If you want to get into fashion in Swansea and or the lookout for a modern and friendly Modelling advice or a Fashion Photographer in Swansea that just specialise in shooting ONLY fashion and think you may be interested in using our services why not request an appointment with us with NO OBLIGATIONS and have a cuppa without being pressured in any services! We can even give you some advice with do's & don'ts in the industry.